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Riding boots Ego7 Orion model with laces. Riding boots with laces and extra soft insert, full grain leather with rear elastic band E-Tex for maximum grip on any calf. Durability and ease of maintenance, E-Tex insert for effective protection of the calf, without sacrificing adhesion and contact with the horse.
The EGO7 brand uses only the best materials, with Italian design at 100%, with a rigid quality control. Details and beautiful finish, as the spur holder with 3 different levels of adjustment, the front recess facilitates the bending of the foot, extra strong zip with press brass studs, the heel is protected by an extra padded tongue, which facilitates the fit reeds and protects the zipper.
The double seams of the profiles, increase the resistance to wear and to the stresses. The insole is made of genuine leather, with anti-shock padding 2 mm, with a second insole with antibacterial foam and soft breathable leather.
The non-slip rubber outsole is handmade stitched, and provides a technical and safe grip. This special sole is light and flexible, it significantly reduce the weight of the boot, keeping it comfortable all day long.
The leather for lining is tanned and treated without dyes and pigments, remaining soft, breathable and durable, will darken naturally with the use of the boot. The back band is elastic, breathable and comfortable, follows the movements of the rider naturally.
Due these measures the Ego7 boots ensure maximum comfort and perfect fit and grip, matching its as tailor-made boots. They are provided with inflatable forms, included in the package.
The innovative E-Tex is a technical material that resists to water, compatible with the skin, aesthetically identical to the leather, and guarantees optimum contact with the saddle and the horse, keeping a perfect feeling, lasting much longer than the tanned skin. The inserts designed for the calf guarantee an excellent resistance to wear and friction, even for intensive use, for training and competition, for cross country, show jumping and dressage.
The boots in this range are available in different sizes and calves, height and width, depending on your body shape, you can choose the most suitable measure to you with reference to the size chart.
Black color, price is valid for the pair.
To measure the Ego7 boots and half chaps, check your calf circumference by measuring it with a long sock and usual riding breeches, consider in the size chart that the cm shown are with the elastic under tension. The new boot with the elastic band at rest is on average 1 cm narrower than the size chart, this is because the leather used and the elastic insert must adapt to your physicality and mold to your measurements with use.
If the new boot fits perfectly on your size, after a short time it will unfortunately be too wide and consequently it will fall softly towards the ankle. For any kind of information or support on how to take the measurement, contact our customer service.


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