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Lovehorses saddlecloth model ANTI SORES. This saddlecloth is designed and tested to prevent and treat saddle sores. has been specifically designed for horses with withers particularly pronounced, as prevention and solution. Allows you to mount the horse even in the presence of saddle sores, avoiding contact with the withers area. To be used without cushions or additional shims under the saddle. This saddlecloth is divided into two parts, the upper part is padded with removable and adjustable shims, which replace the normal pad. While the lower part is no particular padding.
The ecological and technical in Terrytex is exclusive, highly breathable, wicks sweat away from the horse and conveys it to the outside. The entire line of saddlecloth LOVE HORSES is lined with 100% cotton fabrics. Due to the precious care of the manufacturer, this new line is perfectly shaped in reference to the needs of the horse and rider, are designed in such a way as to prevent slippage towards the rear of the horse. They are machine washable at 30 degrees, but with centrifugal excluded, or at least very light. Please remove inner pad before washing.
On request it is possible to request the cap coordinated ear net.



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