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Zandonà Therapeutic Air Rug magnetic therapy blanket to improve blood circulation, muscle recovery, and inflammation absorption in horses. 100% Made in Italy.

The Therapeutic Air Rug is made of 3D Air-Mesh fabric, highly breathable and comfortable, and can be worn alone or under a winter rug. It uses the principles of magnetotherapy to promote recovery and relaxation in horses, especially before a competition or after intense activity.

On the shoulders and back, there are 32 magnets made of a Neodymium, Iron, and Boron alloy with a Nickel coating with a power of 2600 Gauss, which stimulate blood circulation and cellular oxygenation. Using the Therapeutic Air Rug at rest helps reduce pain, post-training swelling, and inflammatory conditions.

Benefits of magnetotherapy for horses include:
- Analgesic effect;
- Anti-inflammatory effect;
- Increase in microcirculation in cartilage;
- Acceleration of the lactic acid absorption process;
- Acceleration of the toxin elimination process;
- Acceleration of the osteogenesis process;
- Acceleration of cellular processes.

- Muscles, tendons, cartilages injuries;
- Ligaments inflammations;
- Bones fractures;
- Osteoporosis

- Accustom the horse with gradual usage sessions, as it may initially feel a sense of tickling due to the increased blood-flow localized. For the first few uses, it is therefore recommended to monitor the horse to prevent him from injuring the magnetic devices;
 Can be used on horses of all ages and gender, if necessary permanently when at rest;
- Wear only at rest, when the horse is cold, to avoid possible nuisance that might irritate its behaviour;
- Not suitable for paddock or dynamic activities use (e.g. walking, flat-work, etc.).

 In presence of injuries, do not use in the acute phase (first 5 days);
- Do not use in the presence of visible bruising, open wounds, bleeding, injury or not treated infections because the magnetic effect could contribute to expand the area affected by these diseases;
- Do not use in combination with anti-inflammatory pharmaceutics, blood thinners or ointments active in the areas affected by the magnetic treatment;
- Do not use in presence of pacemaker;
- Do not use during pregnancy!
- Not suitable for paddock or dynamic activities use (e.g. walking, flat-work, etc.);
- This is not a medical device!


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