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Riding helmet Kask Endurance. Designed and manufactured in Italy like all KASK helmets, ENDURANCE is extremely lightweight and perfectly combines appearance, design and functionality due to its sleek shape and unique technological details that guarantee the safety, comfort and high performance of the rider. The outer shell, made of polycarbonate, makes the cap extremely durable and lightweight. The innovative injection technology, which combines the polystyrene shell with the outer polycarbonate cover, ensures better impact absorption. The comfortable and breathable inner padding is made with Coolmax fiber. Its padding is removable and washable. This model comes with the OCTO FIT KASK fit system. This innovative design allows you to adapt perfectly to the size and fit of the helmet. The rubberized Micro Dial adjuster provides improved finger grip. Inner floating supports are designed to oscillate and allow perfect fit on any head. An intelligent and innovative active vent system, based on four top air intakes integrated into the helmet, provides high standards of cooling air flow and the aerodynamic peak will guarantee the best performance for the rider. The eco-leather strap makes it very easy to wear a helmet. Hypoallergenic and washable, it is extremely comfortable and helps to avoid skin irritation.
The helmet is completely made in Italy, 100% made in Italy. The weight of this model is about 390gr, supplied with Kask bag and inner padding.
International CE safety certifications: VG1 01.040 2014-12.
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