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Trolley travel bag for saddle and riding accessories. A new riding trolley has been designed and engineered to allow you to store and transport rider and horse accessories. It's designed as a real trolley suitcase. This new model has been improved to allow riders to store the material more easily. You can enter:
- the saddle, is fixed due to adjustable belts,
- saddlegirth, martingale or bib strap,
- the saddlecloth,
- rear or front shock absorber,
- polo bands or rest bangs,
- your helmet, your gloves, and other accessories for competition
- the halter and bridle of your horse
The inside of the Travel Bag is modular and has a felt part that is adjustable to accommodate the helmet for example. There are also several outer pockets including an isolated pocket for inserting and retaining cold tablets, medicines or a bottle of water. Ultra light and practical, the trolley weighs 8 kg. With or without its cart, it is stable and stays vertically, both loaded and empty. The coating made of PVC TARPAULIN dubbed with nylon inside. This material is very durable, waterproof and washable. Extremely compact, the outside dimensions without trolley are 77 cm x 41 cm + 6 cm wide x 40 cm. The trolley is foldable and removable so that the wheels can easily be cleaned and transported separately from the suitcase. The Travel Bag without a carriage, is like a suitcase or a backpack. The trolley is made of aluminum, rubber wheels have a diameter of 13 cm to absorb soil irregularities and allow for greater maneuverability. The travel trolley is equipped with:
- a protective cover,
- the transport trolley,
- a cover for the carriage.
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