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Equiline Under Rug 200gr!
Equiline Under Rug 200gr!
Inatake Trolley for Riding Accessories
Inatake Trolley for Riding Accessories


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1. How can I contact MySelleria?

You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Telephone number +39 049 584 21 51 Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 6pm, except for Sundays and Bank Holidays

  • Via e-mail

2. Why buying from MySelleria?

Saving on administration costs, managing warehouse stocking at its best and the selling terms and conditions weigh on our margin so MySelleria can offer you a wide range of horseriding goods at really advantageous prices compared to any common shop and with discounts up to 50%.
Beside saving money on Myselleria you will also save yourself a lot of time, just think about the possibility to find an round the clock on-line shop every day of the year not to mention the time you would end up spending taking the car in order to go round searching for an item that most probably any common shop will not have.

3. How can I search an item?

To search an Item you have to locate the right category on the menu to which the item belongs to or carry out the much easier research using the field "search" on the top.

4. How can I buy an item?

Before being able to purchase an item we suggest you to register. However, it is also possible to purchase without registering. The registration is totally free and will allow the customer to choose a nickname and a password.

Once the item has been found, clicking n the item its detailed card and characteristics will be opened. Please specify any sizes measures colours and the quantity and click on the PURCHASE key. The purchased item will appear on the trolley together with any of your other purchases. It is possible to check your trolley status any you digit TROLLEY on the navigation bar on the top right. No order will be put forward until full confirmation of your order is given on the summary card.

5. How can I check the sizes, measures, etc?

On some items, where you are asked to specify any size or measure, a data sheet showing what any size or measure matches to will appear. Should you need any further information simply contact us down on "DO YOU WISH TO ASK A QUESTION?" on the card referring to the item.

6. How can I check the contents of my "trolley"?

On the trolley click on the "order" box on the top right. On the navigation menu a list of all the items you have entered in your trolley will immediately appear.

7. Can I delete and order?

All you have to do is contact us promptly via email or telephone calling the following number +39 049 584 21 51.

8. What happens if an ordered Item is out of stock?

The availability of the items in the advertisements is highlighted as follows:
Immediate availability: the item is immediately available in our warehouse and ready to be shipped;
Availability in 1-3 days: the article is currently not available, ordering it the time for replenishment are provided by a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 3 working days;
Availability in 3-6 days: the article is currently not available, ordering it the time for replenishment are provided by a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 6 working days;
Availability in ...: this item is currently not available, according to availability indicated the item will be restocked;

9. How much are the transport expenses?

The shipping costs are automatically counted at the end of the order filling

10. What methods of payment are accepted?

The accepted payment methods are:

  • Bank Transfer

  • Credit Card

  • PayPal

11. What would be the risks paying by credit card?

Paying by credit card or Paypal is totally safe and risk-free. Your credit card personal details are exclusively processed from autorized circuits. Therefore MySelleria will not have access to your credit card personal details, but will deal only with the buyer's details (name, surname, address...) necessary for delivering the goods to the address given by the customer.

12. What is the procedure for invoicing?

Invoices will only be issued upon request for VAT holders requesting it when filling the order form.

13. How long will the delivery take?

Once payment has been received and even before availability confirmation of the ordered items we will see to the immediate shipping. Deliveries are carried out within 48/72 hours.

14. How can I check my order status?

To check your order status just contact us via email.

15. What if I am not home at the time of the delivery?

Should nobody be home when the item is delivered, the courier will leave a papery advice.
The courier will try a new delivery the following day.

16. What should I do when I get the delivery?

When the courier arrives you will have to check that the parcel is upright, undamaged and dry and compliant with the standard characteristics of a parcel. Please check that the number of the parcels is equivalent to what is shown on the carrier letter.
Any protest must be immediately made to the carrier, failure to do so will mean that the item has been properly delivered.

17. What happens should the size, measure or other not be correct?

Go to the "returns and refunds" section to learn more.

18. How can I exercise my right to recede?

MySelleria acknowledges the right to recede according to all the regulations in force in Italy. The limit in order to make use of this right is of 14 days as set forth by law. Go to the "returns and refunds" section to learn more.

19. Other doubts

For any other doubt you can contact us via the appropriate form CONTACT US .



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