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Equiline Safe Riding S1 stirrups, designed to ensure maximum safety to the rider by combining top performance, exclusive technologies, as evidenced by three international patents certificates. The riding Safety stirrup First have the outer arm moves tilted 90 degrees to the outside, and can rotate by 180° back and forth, thereby covering the full 360 °, releasing the rider in case of need in a tiny fraction of a second. Their mechanism is supplied with a 24 month warranty.
In addition to the security system, these Equiline stirrups also include a number of features for improved comfort for the rider:
Damping plate to provide comfort and cushioning in the leg.
Rolling grip rowel on the plantar system to provide optimal grip, while allowing the foot to move from one place to another easily.
Calibrated so you can easily locate the stirrup if it is lost during the riding.
Easy up lift and locking system, make these sirrups easy to handle and safe for the saddle for transport, storage, and work the horse on lungeing.
Fit to any normal stirrup leathers, the price is valid for the couples.

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